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Why Do We Need Long Term Care Professionals

Today, many countries in the world are witnessing a rise in population for people aged 60 years and above, which has therefore, increased the demand for long term care professionals. Long term care professionals are certified individuals, who provide both medical and non-medical assistance to those who are aged and suffering from certain chronic illness or disability.

The job of a long term care professional involves helping people with their basic activities such as bathing, washing, dressing etc. and includes providing medical assistance as well. Their services are for people staying at home, in nursing homes, in the community or to those residing in senior citizen care facilities.
Study of Nutrition & Gerontology for Long Term Care Professionals
It is important that while helping people with their day to day activities these professionals also promote healthy living among them. Hence, a long term care worker should have some nutritional background. Besides this, they need to have basic gerontology knowledge which is the study of the aging process in adults.
Career Outlook
Long term care is part of the healthcare industry and therefore, it offers several career opportunities for individuals. Today, you may work in the field of nursing, health administration and health care management. The places which usually hire such professionals include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physician’s offices and long-term care facilities.
Top Online Schools & Colleges
Online long term care programs are offered by many accredited schools and colleges; few of them are listed below:
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Ultimate Medical Academy Online

Programs: A.S. - Health & Human Services

University of Southern California

Programs: Online Executive Master of Health Administration

Medical Careers Institute

Programs: Healthcare Administration - Bachelor

Locations: Henrico , Newport News
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